Meet the Team Behind Your ESD Safety Solutions

We were the first dedicated manufacturer of ESD chairs in the UK

Trusted ESD Chair dealer

Established in January 1990 and have supplied most of the companies that have MOD contracts as well as all the other major and smaller electronics companies in the UK and Europe!

  • We supply NHS and private Hospitals with product used in Operating theatres and Laboratories.
  • We always offer the most competetive prices and use the latest technologies in foams, dissipative plastics and all chair components.
  • It is safe to shop with us. We will never sell on any of your information .

why choose us

Companies and organisations come to us because we give the best value and we are able to do that because we make the range we sell.

A little history

About Ashco

Ashco was formed in 1989. I started the company with my wife Gillian. I had been in the ESD business since 1985 and decided I needed to have a go on my own with Gill doing the accounts side of things. We struggled at first but eventually gained some good customers who also became good friends, people at companies like Plessey, Ericcsons GEC, GPT , ICL, British Aerospace and several others.

My policy was to sell them only what they needed to improve their situations and as their needs grew they would order more product. It soon became obvious that there was a need in the marketplace for a good esd chair supplier and I started researching the market for suppliers of the components. I found a company making plywood seat and backs for production chairs, a company that made chassis, gas lift suppliers and most importantly the correct foams and fabrics to enable me to build a chair that drained or dissipated a charge to earth at a measured rate as stipulated in the prevailing British standards.

Our customers are now companies like Dyson, M.O.D contractors, Thales, Google, Apple and several more ! We have customers in South Africa, Poland France, Iceland and India.


We are located in the midlands about nine miles from the centre of England and this gives us the advantage of being able to deliver within five days from order or next day if neccesary.

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