Ashco ESD Chair

All the ESD chairs and Stools easily meet the latest European Specs and are all tested before being sold. They are available in all the colours shown as well as Conductive Black vinyl material. We can offer discounts on quantities and several different chassis options to give optimum posture comfort.

A Low gas lift has a seat height range of from 440 – 520 mm
A medium gas lift has a seat height range of from 460 – 580 mm
A High gas lift has a seat height range of from 520 – 700 mm                                                                                                                                                                                                                              An Extra High gas lift has a seat height range of from 620 – 860 mm

All ESD chairs made and supplied by ASHCO have been checked and pass the relevant European Standard EN 61340 – 5 – 1; 2001(ESD protective item requirements).

The cloth used is “Hi –Tech” static dissipative material and has a resistance to a ground point that does not exceed 10¹º.OHM.

The plastic seat back cover is static dissipative and together with the seat and backrest is earthed to the chassis mechanism.

The chassis is connected to the chromed gas lift, this fits into the chromed steel base and all is grounded via the conductive castors or glides, whichever is fitted.

The chairs are checked using a OHM – STAT MEGOHMMETER.

The test is carried out by placing a 5 kilo weight on the chair seat. This weight is connected to the test box and another lead from the test box is connected to a steel plate placed under one of the castors (or glides) . A charge is then passed through the chair to determine resistance to ground.

The foot ring displayed on the high gas lift chair is for illustration purposes only and is sold as an additional accessory.